Boss Crypto a private trading and investment management community comprised of computer scientists / quant traders / financial engineers / executives from all walks of life etc.

The group was founded in 2017 and it has been going strong now for 5 years, very proud of what we accomplished! We have different sub-groups focused on: trading recommendations, undervalued gems, ICO / IDO / IEO capital raising analytics, on-chain analytics, off-chain analytics, sentiment analytics, web traffic analytics, fundamental and technical analysis + methods to screen investments, how to create your optimal investment portfolio etc. and much more. Please subscribe to our premium list for $99/month and we will send you all registration details to join the Boss Crypto community!

Join the Premium List—get access to:

  1. Private Discord Alerts Channel (currently being migrated from Slack)
  2. Charts & Trading View Indicators
  3. Boss Crypto Strategy Dashboard
  4. Weekly Premium videos
  5. Regular Premium reports
  6. Private Discord chatroom
  7. Premium List Live Streams
  8. Dedicated channels on:
    • Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Investment into Digital Assets
    • On-Chain Analytics
    • Off-Chain Analytics
    • NFT Analytics
    • Fundamental Analysis into undervalued gems
    • Technical Analysis into breakout patterns and promising positional trades
    • Popularity Index / Sentiment Analysis / Web Traffic Analysis
    • Price Predictive Modeling and Statistical Forecasting for most digital assets